Mobile Welfare Unit Hire in Ireland

by Maloney Plant Hire

Mobile Welfare Unit

Maloney Plant Hire specialises in providing mobile welfare unit hire to sites across Ireland. We have an extensive range of welfare units that fit the needs of all sites including construction sites, roadworks, developments, building sites, smaller jobs, factory yards and other projects where a mobile welfare unit would be required.

Our mobile welfare units ensure your employees and workers on your site have access to all the amenities and facilities they require including toilet facilities, a working kitchen including drinking water, a microwave and kettle, a comfortable seating area, a wash station and office space if required. What sets us apart is that we offer a high-quality mobile welfare unit hire service, at a competitive price, with great customer service and support. We also offer a convenient delivery and collection service ensuring you your welfare unit can be installed in any site in Ireland.

Maloney Plant Hire is an Irish owned, family run business and we are proud to work with clients across Ireland. We possess years of experience in mobile welfare unit hire and have been able to adapt to meet the needs and requirements of a wide range of clients in different industries from large-scale construction, smaller building contractors, engineering businesses, roadworks and more. We are confident that our team can supply you with the best welfare unit to meet your needs and our aftersales service will ensure a positive experience when dealing with Maloney Plant Hire.

Why Hire a Mobile Welfare Unit?

Mobile welfare units are used on sites across Ireland. They provide the facilities and office space required by workers on-site and play a core role on any site. But at Maloney Hire, we believe that mobile welfare unit can be an inviting space shared by workers to relax and enjoy a bit of downtime as well as a functional space on your site.

Our award-winning mobile welfare units are designed to provide necessary facilities in remote work locations, withstand harsh weather conditions and have a high level of durability. Our towable welfare unite are also designed with convenience in mind; hydraulic axles ensure towing and setup is very easy and incredibly quick.

Our range of mobile welfare units

We have 4 models of mobile welfare unit within our fleet. From the 12ft ‘Ecosmart 12’ unit which can accommodate up to 8 people to our largest 22 ft ‘Ecosmart 22’ which can comfortably accommodate 12 people and has a large office space for up to 3 people.

We can also offer the ‘Ecosmart 16’ and the ‘Ecosmart 16 Xtra’ which are two variations of a 16 ft mobile welfare unit suitable for 12 people, with canteen facilities, a separate toilet and drying room and plenty of space to allow workers to rest and relax on break times.

All of our mobile welfare units come equipped with a canteen, toilet and drying room facilities and a comfortable seating area.

We know that managing a site takes a lot of work and can create some headaches. Well when you choose a towable welfare unit from Maloney Plant Hire, we will remove one headache for you; all of our mobile welfare units are fully HSE compliant giving you the peace of mind to focus on your job and solving any other issues that may arise on your site.

Mobile Welfare Unit Sale vs Hire

When you know you need a mobile welfare unit, you have the option of buying the unit or hiring it. At Maloney Plant Hire, we only offer a mobile welfare unit hire service and here the reasons that we feel it is the best solution for our customers in Ireland:

  • Generally mobile welfare units are sold second-hand to companies who then hire them to companies in the construction industry. By choosing to hire a mobile welfare unit with Maloney Plant Hire, you can be confident that you are getting the latest in mobile welfare unit technology, a high-quality solution that won’t let you down and will do the job you need it to.
  • We offer a highly convenient collection and delivery service, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of transport.
  • We offer nationwide coverage in Ireland meaning that no matter what part of the country you are in or wherever your site is, we can delivery a mobile welfare unit to it, usually within one working day.
  • Our mobile welfare unit hire service is offered at a highly competitive price which reduces your outlay and keeps the overheads associated with your project to a minimum.

Mobile Welfare Unit Hire Cost

How much does it cost to hire a mobile welfare unit in Ireland? Mobile welfare unit prices – what can I expect to pay? These are questions you may be asking as you read our info on our towable welfare unit hire.

As you can see, at Maloney Plant Hire, we offer a wide range of portable welfare units for hire, each with a different specification, amenities and facilities. To give you an accurate cost, our team first work to fully understand your requirements and then meet them with the right welfare unit for your site. To get the ball rolling and to get a quote to you as soon as possible, please complete our mobile welfare unit hire form and a member of our team will respond and provide a full-breakdown of our mobile welfare facilities hire package and what is included for the price.

Which Mobile Welfare Unit is the best for me?

When deciding which mobile welfare unit will be best for your site, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • How many workers will be on your site and using the welfare unit?
  • Do you require an office space to allow site managers and other staff to complete their work on-site? Or do you simply require the amenities, toilet, kitchen space and seating area?
  • How big is your site and what size of welfare unit could it accommodate?
  • How many welfare units do you require?

When you can answer these questions, you will have a better idea of the best welfare for your project. At Maloney Plant Hire, our professional team can help you work through the options to choose the welfare unit that best fits your needs.

Mobile Welfare Unit Hire in Ireland

Maloney Plant Hire offers full nationwide coverage in Ireland. We can deliver our mobile units to any site in Ireland. We offer a daily delivery and collection service ensuring that your project stays on track and there is no downtime or unhappy workers.

We deliver our welfare units using our own fleet of low loaders. We even offer an out of hours delivery service after hours and at weekends. We understand this is a must for busy sites, so when an emergency supply is needed, Maloney Plant Hire won’t let you down.

We deliver and service welfare units nationwide in Ireland on a daily basis. Our service includes a “Waste Away” service, effluent tank emptying service, water delivery service & premium cleaning and service schedules.

If you require a mobile welfare unit for your site in Ireland, contact us today to discuss your needs and provide a quote.