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Mole-ploughing is one of the primary, state-of-the-art cable laying solutions operated by Maloney Plant Hire Ltd that makes the rollout of projects like rural broadband fast, efficient, environmentally friendly, quick, exact and more cost-effective than ever.

Maloney Mole Ploughing Services have 15 years’ experience in trenchless pipe/cable laying or as it also known as ‘mole ploughing’.

About Mole Ploughing

The principle is simple, rather than disturb the ground with conventional trench excavation methods we mole plough the pipe or cable or even both under the ground with our vibrating plough without disturbing the ground not even close to the disturbance of conventional trench excavation methods.

 The vertical vibrating plough blade cuts/slices the ground leaving an extra thin 3-4 inch gap in the soil allowing the cables, ducts or pipes to slot in with minimal excavation and backfilling and which can be driven over afterwards to complete the pipe or cable pull.

Superior Savings

Due to the continuous way the mole plough trenches, it’s easier to implement longer pipes, meaning fewer connections, which decreases risk.

This method provides superior savings to our customers as the labour costs and material costs decrease dramatically.

Evidence of the Mole Plough Machine Making Light Work

Videos from other Experts in the Industry

The system is perfect for:

  • Pre-ducted power or telecoms cables
  • Water piping and irrigation systems
  • Direct burial of cables – S.W.A., telecoms, fibre-optics, electrical and data cables etc.
  • Gas pipelines
  • Installing water pipes

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